Baking Bootcamp #1

A couple weeks ago Joy the Baker announced the start of a little baking series that she is doing called Baking Bootcamp. The bootcamp is a collaboration that she is doing with King Arthur Flour. Seeing as I think that her blog is the BEST thing since sliced bread, I jumped on the baking bootcamp bandwagon real quick. I even went and bought the King Arthur flour that she recommended using.
The bootcamp is a 4 part series/ baking challenge to introduce her readers to 4 different types of flour and how to use them.
The first flour is all purpose flour and the first challenge is this triple berry cinnamon swirl bread.
I think I nailed it.

Except mine is a double berry cinnamon swirl bread for multiple reasons that I won’t go into.

This bread is AHmazing and really rather easy to make. I highly recommend you try it!!

And if you’re worried that your baking skills aren’t good enough to make a swirl bread from scratch, you’re wrong. Joy gives a step by step guide complete with pictures on how to make this bread. There’s really no way that you can mess it up!

Happy Friday world.

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5 comments on “Baking Bootcamp #1”

  1. Yum! I love her blog too and thoroughly enjoy reading all her cooking posts. Happy Friday!

  2. Girl, I’d say you totally nailed it!!!! (And now I’m starving. haha!)

  3. Yuuummmmmmm!! You go girl. Please come bake for me. This is definitely going on my “cheat” day menu! Happy Friday Beautiful.

    –Me And My Mini Me