F#@* Your [Thing]

Recently my husband introduced me to a tumbler blog called Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table and, title aside, I’m kind of obsessed with the hilarity that is this blog.

Being the somewhat…sarcastic person that I am, I personally find this site hilarious mostly because it expresses what I feel every time that I log into Pinterest. I also feel this way upon reading most of the food blogs that I follow. I mean, some people have a way of photographing food and decorating their house that is just obnoxiously perfect.

And seriously, all you fashion bloggers! How do you have time in the morning to make yourself look adorable, take amazing pictures of it, and still get to work on time??

So, I thought I’d do a few of my own. I don’t think I’m doing this with the same intent as the other blog but whatever. And please keep in mind that I’m doing this in full jest and am really only expressing the deep envy that I have for these [things].

 F#@* your perfectly decorated, no wires desk.
 F#@* your evenly spaced perfect closet.
F#@* your Martha Stewart pie crusts that I will never manage to recreate
F#@* your “quick and easy” hairstyle
Ahhhh. That felt good. I highly recommend this kind of therapy the next time you’re feeling a little depressed that your life isn’t Pinterest perfect.

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6 comments on “F#@* Your [Thing]”

  1. Oh girl. Lord have mercy!!! LOLLLLLLLL Seriously had to quiet myself at my desk.

  2. hahaha can I tell you how much I LOVE this post :):) It is so true and I really don’t know how people do it–but I am def not one of those people thats for sure! And I think its way better to just say effff that than to feel bad about it :) Those people that can get their fashion photos in the morning–and like you said– get to work on time–hats off to them but effff that ha :)


    • hahah. glad to hear! I think the one that gets me more than anything are the house pictures. No matter how hard I actually try, my house never looks as chic as the ones on Pinterest. But I like my house so that’s all that matters :)

  3. Hi Brita! Hilarious and so true! I seriously needed that! ;) xoxo

  4. Very funny! I always suspect people whose lives are ‘surface perfect’ and am sure the truth is far different.