This Plant Based Meal Plan is vegan, easy to put together, delicious, and includes meals that the WHOLE family will love!

Hi friends! I have something a bit different for you today. My good friend, Beth from Eat Within Your Means, created a really wonderful 5 dinner plant based meal plan and I wanted to share it with you!

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If you follow a plant based diet, are vegan, or simply want to eat lots more veggies, this meal plan is for you (and Beth’s whole blog for that matter!)! PLUS I don’t know anyone who doesn’t benefit from a well put together meal plan. The meal plan is also kid approved making it perfect for the whole family.

I tried the Vegetable Meat Substitute and combined it with the Protein-Packed Marinara Sauce. IT WAS AMAZING! Even Mr. Britnell really liked it and he’s a “I need meat with every meal” kind of guy. To give you a taste (although not literally….I wish!) of the meal plan, I made a video of this dish for you!:

I’m going to let Beth tell you a bit more about the AWESOME meal plan herself!:
Whether you’ve been eating plant-based for a while, or if it’s brand new to you, there are two words that probably strike fear into your heart. MEAL PLANNING. Dun dun DUN…..Ok, it’s not all that intense, but let’s be real, meal planning is a pain in the you-know-where. And if it’s not already a part of your routine, it can also be pretty overwhelming. What should you make? Will your family actually eat it? When you come home from work on a Wednesday, what if you don’t want to cook what’s on the menu? Cue the pizza delivery order, and the inevitable shame because you didn’t follow the plan.

You deserve better than that – so that’s why I made this meal plan for you. It’s 5 comforting plant-based dinners, all family-tested and approved. You won’t have to wonder what to buy at the store – there’s a detailed grocery list, broken down by store section. You won’t have to wonder what’s for dinner on Wednesday – you’ll already have prepped everything on the weekend. Look at you go! You won’t throw money away on unused leftovers, because they get used in the next night’s meal, on purpose! I call it leftover subterfuge. And you won’t break the bank – each meal costs an average of $10 for a family of four.
This Plant Based Meal Plan is vegan, easy to put together, delicious, and includes meals that the WHOLE family will love!
The best part? You get step-by-step instructions from prep to plate, making the most of your time and energy. Because let’s face it, when dinner time comes, you don’t want to have to think too much. You’re hungry! So imagine opening up the fridge and pulling out food that you’ve already prepped, and then following a few basic instructions to turn that food into a warm, comforting meal that even a carnivore would love. Except you don’t have to imagine it, because you can live it! Get this meal plan, give it a shot, and see how good it feels to have dinnertime solved.

You can learn more about the meal plan and buy it HERE.

**This post contains affiliate links. If you end up buying the meal plan, I get a portion of the sales at no extra cost to you. But know that I’m only advocating this meal plan because Beth’s blog and recipes are amazing and I have confidence that you’ll LOVE it :)