My Second Newborn Shoot


First, we need to start with the older sister:


This child is probably the sweetest, most well behaved little girl that I have ever met! She’s also got a decent amount of  modeling experience under her belt and just comes alive when you get the camera out. This is my second time taking her pictures and I never have to tell her how to pose or when to smile.

While waiting for the baby to finish nursing, she did lots of posing for me.



Back to the newborn!


Luckily, the mother wanted more lifestyle type pictures as opposed to the more possed baby pictures. I LOVE lifestlye newborn photos where I can capture that look in a new parents eyes as they look at their child. That look like they’re still pinching themselves that they could love someone so much. I love that look. Too deep for a Tuesday morning?


As you can see, I got a little crazy with the black and white photos here. I’m not usually one for b/w but loved it with these photos for some reason.


And then I took a bunch of the sisters together.






And I then convinced mom to take a few as well.

Saale-16 Saale-15



I think babies are growing on me :)

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8 comments on “My Second Newborn Shoot”

  1. These are just beyond beautiful!!! I love the photos and the kids are adorable–great job!!!


  2. We LOVE them!!!!! Way to go Brita!!!!!!!

  3. Amazing! That older sister is absolutely gorgeous! Of course that baby is precious. Cute little family and amazing photos!

  4. Did you use the Greater than Gatsby actions with these photos? They look amazing btw! x

  5. Hi! I’m dying to know HOW you took the photos with the brightness behind (top picture with dad holding baby)? I’ve never been successful in doing these photos, because the subjects are always so dark with any kind of brightness behind them. HELP, PLEASE! :)

    • Hi Christina! If you see the 3rd picture down of the little girl on the couch…the dad is sitting on that same couch while holding the baby. You can take pictures like this by placing your subject in front of a bright window. It works best if the light is diffused in some way. They had sheer white curtains up in front of a large window in their living room so I basically had to put no effort in. Just focus on your subject and it will naturally give the area around your subject that kind of blown out affect. There was also natural light coming in from other windows on the other side of the room which helped light up the subjects face. think that I also had my f stop pretty low (maybe ~3-4). I can confirm that if you think it will help. Hope this helps!