GUYS. I’m totally obsessed with being outside in my garden this year. Like, I sit up at night thinking about it (when I’m not thinking about the 1,000,000 things I need to get done before baby Britnell gets here in August).

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I’d like to think that I just magically got a massive green thumb but really I think it’s the difference in working away from home and working AT home. Before, when I would get home after being away at work all day, ALL I wanted to do was go sit on the couch and just be at home. But now that I WORK from home, 6pm rolls around and I can’t wait to get outside, breathe some fresh air, and dig my hands into the dirt.

On the flip side, I’m trying to take it easy this year and not take on too much garden wise (ya know, because of the whole being (almost) 7 months pregnant thing). We’ve already been experiencing temperatures as high as in the 90s here in Nashville and summer hasn’t even started yet! Once July and August hit, it becomes almost unbearable to be outside in the sun for longer than a few minutes (especially 8-9 months pregnant…I assume?). So yea, trying to take it easy and not plant every single summer crop that exists (even though I’m SO tempted to).

I had also hoped/ planned to get bees this year but figured bees + a new baby in the same season was a bit too much to take on. :D So, the bees will have to wait until next year. In the meantime, I’m just buying ALL the amazingly cute bee baby things that I can find.

Besides the vegetables and the 3 apple trees that I have planted, we are fortunate to live on a VERY beautiful 2 acre property that was well loved by it’s previous owners. By the time that we moved in, the house was SURROUNDED by dozens of rose bushes, hydrangeas, herbs, tulips (and other spring bulbs), magnolia trees, etc etc. I’m borderline obsessed with our property and so thankful to the owners who came before us for putting so much love into the landscaping/ property.

I mean, this is what I see when I walk out my front door. I didn’t plant any of it but I love it all SO much:

Our hydrangeas are looking good and some are even starting to turn colors. Still haven’t chopped off the dead ones from last year and the plant is growing great nonetheless :)

Photo fail: I didn’t actually get any pictures of the veggies that we have growing this year. I’ll make sure to include those in the summer garden updated :) Just as a reference, because I know you’re DYING to know….this year we’re growing the summer basics: a few tomato plants, every color of bell pepper and a jalapeno plant as well as green beans, cucumbers, and some lettuces. We also have an in ground bed suitable for the stuff that needs a bit more space. This year it’s got watermelon, butternut squash, and zucchini growing there (!!!).

OH! Also not pictured: my dads fig trees. They’re doing great and I feel SO proud that I’ve not only kept them alive but helped them thrive. I read literally hours of fig trees, forums, and posts to learn how to best care for them. Every time we have a big storm, I sit glued to the window watching to make sure the chickens nor the fig trees blow away. I’m happy to report that the trees are all COVERED in healthy looking figs that we’ll be enjoying in a couple months. Can’t wait!!