Chipotle Copycat Sofritas Recipe

Making my Copycat Chipotle Sofritas recipe! SO GOOD!

I usually use extra firm tofu but I had some FIRM (not extra) lying around so we're using that

I'm using a tofu press and usually leave it in the sink to drain. The edges keep it from actually touching the sink

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Make the sauce by combining chipotle peppers in adobo + their sauce, broth, tomato paste, maple syrup, apple cider vinegar, some spices and salt

Now break the tofu into large chunks. I aim a little larger than I'll want them because it'll break up a bit in the skillet

Blended up those sauce ingredients and put it all to the side

Heated some oil over medium heat and added in my onion and tofu chunks

Once the tofu is browned and crispy around the edges, we'll add in the sauce and cook a few more minutes

While the tofu cooks, I'm making some simple cilantro lime rice in my instant pot

I added in the sauce and now I'm cooking it all together for a couple more minutes.

Final Dish! Made a nice burrito bowl with some guacamole, sour cream, pico de gallo, and black beans

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Swipe up for the recipe!

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