Vegan thanksgiving menu

Vegan Wellington Vegan Cheeseball Cranberry Brussels Sprouts Vegan Mashed Potatoes Brussels Sprouts Salad Green Bean Casserole Vegan Pumpkin Pie Apple Cider Cocktails Vegan Gravy Vegan Stuffing


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Vegan cheese ball

This Vegan Cheese Ball is super simple to make and can easily be made several days in advance! A great vegan appetizer!

Vegan Wellington

This beef-less Wellington is a great vegan main dish and can easily be prepped ahead of time! So delicious!

vegan stuffing

A simple sour dough stuffing that is egg free but still delicious and packed with flavor!

Crockpot Mashed potatoes

These creamy mashed potatoes are so simple to make and absolutely delicious!

vegan gravy

This vegan gravy is SO EASY to make and fully plant based!

instant pot cranberry sauce

Simple and delicious cranberry sauce that's SO SIMPLE to make!

vegan green bean casserole

This green bean casserole is dairy free but still creamy and delicious!

vegan pumpkin pie

This pumpkin pie is made with a coconut milk base and has the creamiest texure!

apple cider cocktail

This cocktail is simple to make and perfect for holiday entertaining!