Hello!! I’m Brita. I’m the writer, photographer, and “chef” around these parts. I started my blog a couple years ago thinking that it would be a lifestyle blog (whatever that really means). As it turns out, taking pictures of food was what I seemed to like the most so I went with it. I’ve enjoyed testing and creating new recipes and sharing them with you!

I live in Nashville with my husband, Stephen, my 2 fluffy puppies, Lexi and Zorro, and our 5 backyard chickens. Stephen does the recipe testing; Lexi and Zorro clean the kitchen floor and double as occasional models for my photography practice. Oh, and the chickens wreck constant havoc on the garden but they also provide the eggs so it’s okay.


I’m a Nashville native and pretty much think that it’s the best city ever! Have you ever been here? It’s pretty great. Shoot me a line if you’ll ever be in town and I’ll tell you ALL the best places to eat.


As you’ll hear me mention many times, I skate with the Nashville Rollergirls and if you ask me about it, I’ll talk your ear off for at least an hour. So, beware. Instead, you can read all about it here.

Other random notes worth mentioning:  I’m on a mission to bake the perfect macarons. I hate push-ups. I love listening to songs on repeat (it drove my mother crazy growing up). I’m 1/2 Italian and therefore love all things carbs, especially pasta and bread. Bailey’s Irish Cream is the best drink that was ever invented.

What can you expect from this blog?? Expect to see recipes that, in my opinion, are delicious. While I do make quite a few light and healthy dishes, that’s not the focus of this blog. My hope is to give you recipes that you will enjoy making, love eating, and, maybe most importantly, that you will be eager to share. Food is such an important part of our community and our culture and I love to embrace that.

Questions? Contact me!!