While in Atlanta this past weekend, I begged my husband to drive me across the city just so that I could pay a visit to Lush Cosmetics. I have heard blogger after blogger rave about how great Lush is and I just had to try it for myself. There isn’t one anywhere near where I live although I hear we are getting one soon!

Geeze, was this store impressive! And the staff was very helpful without being too pushy. I was a bit overwhelmed and spent forever in the store trying to decide what I should get. All of the Christmas products were adorable but in the end, I got what I thought smelled the best. hah. I promised myself I would only get a few things to try. I can always indulge later once they finally open a store in Nashville! The one thing I have heard a lot about and knew I wanted to try was their face masks. Here’s what I got:

After much debate, I decided on the Sacred Truth face mask. I tried it last night and really liked it! I am, however, still trying to get past the fact that it has eggs in it.

I also got the Avobath Bath Bomb which is a “skin softening lemongrass and avocado soaker”. Seems interesting enough and I have a weak spot for anything smelling of lemongrass.

Lastly I got this Cinders Bath Bomb, a “warming cinnamon crackler”, which I now see actually is part of their holiday collection.



I kept eyeing the Roots hair treatment but decided to hold off on getting that quite yet. When I was checking out, one of the saleswomen was nice enough to make me a little sample so I look forward to testing that out.

I can’t wait to try these and will let you know how I like them. I hear that Lush is a very addictive store!

Have you tried any Lush products? What should I try next?