This marks my third year with a backyard garden and I’m impressed how well I’ve done actually keeping stuff alive. I mean seriously, I’m always socked when I put a seed in the ground and a couple months later I’m eating it’s fruit. I think I’m even more impressed that I managed to keep something alive without instantly killing it.

I wanted to give you a quick look at what I’ve got growing this year. Also, selfishly, I want picture documentation of my little garden so that I can laugh at it in 10 years when I have one 10xs the size. Because that will be a thing. Also, chickens. One day I’ll have chickens roaming around my yard. It’s kind of a dream of mine (what can I say? I dream big).

About half of my garden this year is from seed and the other half is transplant. I also got a few of my plants from a friend who grew her whole garden from seed this year. She’s braver than I am.

It’s also worth noting that I took these pictures about 9 days ago and the garden has quite literally changed completely since then. The baby cucumber and green bean that you see below are both nearly big enough to eat now.

Anways, it’s Friday and I’m in the kind of weird mood where I could ramble on forever. I won’t do that. Here are some plants:

Baby, baby green bean.

Baby cucumber.

This little guy. True story, my high school mascot was a lady bug. Well, it was a scarab to be exact which is really an ancient Egyptian symbol of rebirth. Yep, thank you all girls school.

Onion growing crazy.

There’s a zucchini in there.

Bell Peppers that should be red but still aren’t.


MORE lettuce. Anyone want some lettuce? We can’t eat it fast enough.

Trellis’s that are already proving too small. Oops.

Do you have a summer garden growing??