Nashville Baby chicks-5

Oh, you want an update on how the baby chicks are doing?? Well, okay. (Really I just want to document this for future me to look back on).

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They’re growing at a rather ridiculous rate. They’ve lost almost all of their baby fuzz now that their feathers are coming in which is kind of sad (but also exciting).

▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼Cute Chicken butts!▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼

Nashville Baby chicks-6

I can easily tell all of them apart now that their coloring is coming in and I really love how different all of their personalities are. I may or may not have a favorite but I’ll never tell.

Unfortunately, I have yet to really name them. I’m a ridiculously indecisive person when it comes to things like that. If I ever have a little human child of my own, it’ll probably be a toddler before I decide on a name for it. I’m still taking suggestions for chicken names.

Nashville Baby chicks-2

We brought them out of the garage and let them explore the yard for the first time this week. At first they were skeptical and kept jumping back on/ in the box that I had carried them outside in. But then they got the hang of it

The saddest news is that they don’t love me yet. They don’t even really like me that much. But, they also don’t run in fear when I try and touch them anymore so that’s a step in the right direction! One day they’ll cuddle with me. One day.

They do oddly really like the dogs though. One in particular kept chasing/ charging after Lexi in the yard. It was entertaining to see.

Nashville Baby chicks-1

I have a bad feeling that one of them is a rooster. Seeing as we have neighbors and it’s illegal to have a backyard rooster in the city of Nashville, we’d have to find another home for him. So, here’s to hoping that these chicks are ALL girls!

Nashville Baby chicks-3

Stephen is about halfway done building their coop and they’ll be living in it in about 3-4 more weeks. I’m currently in the process of deciding what color the coop will be (I know, I make some very important decisions in my life). Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated on what I choose! :)

Nashville Baby chicks-4