One thing I learned while planning my wedding this past summer is that French Macarons are impossible to find in Nashville! I thought it would be nice to give a few of these to each guest as a little gift. I probably could have convinced a local baker to make them for me but decided to forget it when I found out how much I would be charged for them. 
So, I bought a food processor a few days ago and I’m going to try and make some myself. From what I understand, it’s a bit time consuming and difficult to get them to look as pretty as they always do in pictures. I’m going to try my hand at making them a few times and might consider giving them as Christmas gifts to friends and co-workers….if I can get them right.
A few beauties that I would like to recreate. How PRETTY are these!?:
1) Eggnog Macarons from Carly Klock 2) Peppermint Macarons from Penguin Says Feed Me 3) Christmas Macarons (don’t know the flavor) from Les Macarons 4) Festive Cranberry Macarons from cherrapeño

Here’s a Christmas gift I know I would be delighted to receive:

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