This past week I had the privilege of joining my fellow Nashville Food Bloggers for a brunch event at the newly renovated Edley’s Bar-B-Que in 12 South, Nashville. I had such a great time and the food was beyond amazing!! So, park your bike, take a seat, and get ready for some mouth watering southern food.

Edley’s has 2 locations in Nashville: one right by me in East Nashville and another in 12 South. Their 12 South location is the one I was able to visit last week. It has recently been renovated to include nearly 50 additional seats, a new bar (shown above), and a very nice new patio area right off of the bar.

But let’s be honest; you’re really here for the food. Well, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

The chef first brought out plates of hot chicken. I looked on in fear because hot chicken scares the hell out of me (aka, I’m a giant wimp and can’t handle the heat).

I elected to wait until the brisket biscuits were ready.

Tender and juicy and covered in strawberry jalepeno glaze, this was quite possibly one of the best biscuits I have EVER had! Truth be told, I usually steer away from sweet + savory dishes. I’m not sure why, really. I got it in my silly head at some point that I don’t like things that are both salty and sweet. My mouth, however, usually disagrees. As was the case with this ahhhhmazing biscuit.

I had no intention of eating any more than half of it. But alas, it would have been a sin to leave even a tiny bit of that brisket on my plate. So, I ate it ALL.

And then the chef brought out a sampler plate of the hot chicken. He insisted that we must try it.

This is my “I’m terrified to bite down on this” face.

Turns out, the chef knew I was likely a wimp and he made this batch minimally spicy. And guess what, they were SO GOOD! The biscuits were dripping with sweet honey which, again, I would have never thought I would like with hot chicken. But, again, I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have visited Edley’s last week and I will definitely be going back again soon. I’ve got my eyes on the BBQ Nachos, brisket sandwich, and ALL of their sides!

If you live in Nashville or will be visiting soon, I HIGHLY recommend a visit to Edley’s!

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