As I’ve gone back through and read many of my favorite blogs, I’ve come across a couple of fun surveys and thought that I would bring one back. This particular survey I found while stalking  reading Two Thirds Hazel. So, I thought I’d give it a go.

Favorite Color
This is difficult. My “favorite” color probably changes everyday! But, I’ll say the color that I’m always most attracted to is pale pink. I know, I know. It’s the 5 year old little girl in me.

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Pictures like these just make me swoon and so I’m sticking by pink!

Favorite Number
Hmm. I’m going to go with 5 because, for whatever reason, growing up my brother and I always picked the number 5 for our sports jerseys.

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink
I should say water.  *Say water*. But, I was taught to never lie. Truth is, I just really love Coke. I have a a deep love for the stuff. Not Pepsi though, it has to be Coca Cola. I know its not good for you, blah blah, but it sure does taste good! So, I try my best not to drink it very often. Usually it’s my weekly treat that I reserve for a cheat date. If drinking one coke means I have to run an extra mile at the gym, so be it!

Facebook or Twitter
Definitely Facebook. I want to get more into Twitter but I haven’t. I read other people’s tweets but rarely post my own.

My Passion
I really like my job and everyone I work with but my true passion at this point in life is roller derby. I’ve always played sports and have definitely always been competitive. I went to a roller derby game on a date some many years ago and instantly fell in love! I’m sure it’s something that you’ll find me talking about a lot here.

Favorite Animal
Definitely dogs. But also cats. And birds. I just really like all of the animals!

Giving or Receiving Presents
I’m just going to be honest: receiving. Who doesn’t love getting a gift!? Giving is pretty good too though.

Favorite Flower
Garden Roses and peonies. I wish I could have them in vases in my house ALL the time.

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