I’ve talked about trying to make Macaroons for years now. Years!

While planning my wedding I searched all over Nashville for a bakery that sold macaroons. I really wanted to wrap them up in cute little boxes and give them as wedding favors to our guests. But alas, I couldn’t find them anywhere in my city. It was so sad.

So yea, especially since then I’ve wanted to try my hand at making them myself. Last weekend I finally did it! Finally.

I used this “foolproof” recipe that was published in the most recent Food Network magazine. I read that recipe 800 times and followed it step by step by step by step. Minus one little thing: I didn’t have any superfine sugar and I just didn’t feel like making the 1 block trip to the market. So I used “normal” sugar.
The recipe was easy enough to follow and in the end, they turned out ok! Just ok, but I’m good with ok. I’ve heard stories of people having to throw away sheets and sheets of macaroons before they finally got them right. So, the fact that these were edible is a win in my book!

I had this raspberry preserve in my fridge so I used that as the filling. To make things a little less daunting.

The end result wasn’t perfect by any means. I think the lack of superfine sugar is noticeable and I think I needed to have baked them for a few more minutes? They were a bit flat. What causes that? Either way, I’ll be trying these again very soon. I WILL master these babies!

Y’all….I’m figuring this baking thing out. It’s happening!

Speaking of figuring baking out. Did y’all see he “Baking Bootcamp” that Joy from Joy the Baker is doing??! I love this so much and plan to participate in all 4 of the challenges! Plus there’s a prize! Check it out.

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