Since I’ll be out of town for Christmas and New Years and because life is extra busy right now, I sadly have done no Christmas decorating! It’s quite pitiful. I also don’t really own any decorations as I’ve only owned my house for a year and ran into the same predicament last holiday season.
I figure I’ll hold off one more year spending the money to buy real decorations since I’ll be out of town this year anyways. 
But because I need at least a little Christmas cheer around the house, I’ve been looking at all kinds of wonderful Christmas typography and thought that I would share a few of them here.
Free printable HERE.
I found all of these on Etsy (links below). I’m definitely planning to buy a couple of these:
I found these on Pinterest but they all lead nowhere so I can’t say where they can be bought. I would say Etsy’s a good place to try. Either way, they’re lovely:
How detailed are you going with your holiday decorating??