I grew up going to Catholic schools pretty much my whole life (even for most of college). So, as you can imagine, I have a lot of devoutly Catholic friends. With that territory often comes getting married young and having honeymoon babies. I have quite a few friends that are pregnant with their second or even third baby.

Needless to say, my fb feed is plastered with baby pictures that make me saw “awwwww” for a mili-second before I return to loving my dogs. Because you know what, puppies are people too (even if said puppies are 85 pounds of fluff, each).

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So, to prove that pets are people too, I’m linking up with Jade & Oak and Karly Kim today.

My dogs were found on the side of the road and brought to us to foster for a week until the organization we work with could adopt them out. They were both 3 months old and presumably siblings. Here is the pic of them the first day I got them:

We fell in love with these 2 fluff balls and decided we would keep one. When we couldn’t pick between the 2, we just kept them both which was the best decision ever made.
They’ve always been pretty amazing cuddlers.

 And now, a random assortment of puppy pictures for you:

And don’t forget, pets are people too! Check out the ‘Pets are People too’ link up by clicking the box below:

Karly Kim

Happy Sunday!