Now that my stomach has had a chance to rest from all of the food and I managed to upload some of the photos, I wanted to share a recap of my Thanksgiving with you.

My father’s side of the family mostly live in Italy and therefor don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. So, it’s to my mother’s side every year to celebrate. We meet at my aunt’s house and have a nice, relaxing day of food, football, and black Friday planning. My memories of Thanksgiving involve kids everywhere but, sadly, we’ve mostly all grown up.

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Here’s the spread of food that we had. SO YUM!

After a blessing, we get our food buffet style and pretty much sit wherever. Most of the guys sit in the living room so as to watch football with their meal.

This was my plate. I have no shame.

After eating, we pretty much just lounge around and enjoy each others’ company. Some even go into food comas :)

My cousin Corwin is the baby of the family and thus gets loads of attention. I always enjoy playing with him as he’s such a joy to be around.

Eventually, we get out ALL of the Black Friday newspaper ads. My aunts and cousins look through all of the ads, write down what needs to be bought (almost always Christmas presents), make a list of what can be bought where and for what price, AND what time that particular store opens. Then, they divide and conquer. One will buy what everyone wants from Target while another hits up Toys-R-Us and then another goes to Best-Buy etc. They have it down to an art! I’ve never much participated in this but I do enjoy looking at all the deals.

In years past we have often spent a lot of the day outside. My aunt lives on beautiful property! We went out for a bit but it was simply too cold for all of our liking!

Corwin has the most joyful run and with all the running he was doing outside, I knew an adorable gif was needed.