3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Gnocchi

sweet potato gnocchi on a marble board

Happy Monday, friends! Have you had enough coffee this morning? I haven’t. Not even close.  To be fair, I never quit feel like I’ve had enough coffee.

I had a nice, rather relaxing weekend, and didn’t really get much done. Everyone needs a weekend like that every once in a while, right? I did paint about 5% of our hallway to verify that I do want it a shade of navy blue. It’s a big hallway that wraps up the stairs and I’ve been known (many times) to paint a whole room only to decide that I don’t actually like the color. We’re doing our best to avoid that. I’ll keep you updated :)

In other news, my smallest chicken isn’t doing so well. She’s got some weird thing going on with her foot/ leg that seems to have progressed and now she won’t move at all. ???? To make things worse, she’s the runt of the group and my older chickens just keep picking on her. Poor little thing. I’ve moved her to a separate area of the yard with a small extra coop that we have to keep her safe from the mean girls. Hopefully the vet will be able to fix her.

Homemade Sweet Potato Gnocchi- this recipe is VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, and requires only 3 simple ingredients to make!!

OKAY. On to the Sweet Potato Gnocchi. I’ve wanted to make my own gnocchi for the longest time. Instead I’ve just been buying all the fresh gnocchi that I could find around town. I bought some really yummy gnocchi from a little pasta place here in Nashville called Nicolettos Pasta Co. and had an AMAZING bowl of sweet potato gnocchi at a Nashville Food Bloggers event at the Family Wash. But here I am with my very own HOMEMADE version!

plate of sweet potato gnocchi on a wood table

Sometimes people complicate it but making gnocchi is actually SUPER easy! I cut out all the extra ingredients that are sometimes added and kept this recipe super simple with only THREE ingredients: sweet potato, gluten free flour, and salt.

How to Make this Easy 3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Here’s how this works. The sweet potatoes are baked until they’re fully cooked through and then left to sit until they’re cool enough to hold. They’re then mashed (the proper way to do this is to use a potato ricer) into a flour/ salt mixture like so:

Homemade Sweet Potato Gnocchi- this recipe is VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, and requires only 3 simple ingredients to make!!

^^^^^Something about that is so ridiculously satisfying to watch!

Because there’s really no other way to do it, the mixture is mushed together (we’re using technical terms here) with your hands, flour being added when necessary, until a nice ball of dough is formed.

gnocchi dough on a marble board

I cut mine into quarters and then eventually eighths just to make it all easier to work with. Then it’s rolled into long pieces that are about half an inch thick and finally cut into little pieces about an inch long.

sweet potato gnocchi on a marble board

I’ve found that it’s best to re-coat each individual piece of gnocchi in more flour which seems tedious but really only takes a few extra minutes.

I used one of these seemingly fancy gnocchi board because I wanted to be official but really it’s not necessary. You could either create grooves with a fork OR not worry with them at all. The grooves are designed to trap in the flavor of whatever yummy sauce you toss your potato balls in.

sweet potato gnocchi on a marble board

And you’re pretty much done! The gnocchi can be cooked right away by tossing it in some boiling water for a few minutes and taking it out with a slotted spoon after it begins to float to the top. OR you can put it in the fridge or even the freezer to save for later. While you’re at it, I suggest just making a big ole batch of it and saving some for a later, lazy dinner. Future you will be so happy that you did!

sweet potato gnocchi on a marble board

See how easy that is?! Again, I’m really not sure why gnocchi isn’t a more popular dish. It’s SO YUMMY!

Stephen likes his gnocchi with pasta sauce but I’m a fan of simply tossing it in a bit of melted oil or dairy free butter with a few fresh herbs and maybe a touch more salt and pepper. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Homemade Sweet Potato Gnocchi- this recipe is VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, and requires only 3 simple ingredients to make!!

Do yourself a favor and make some gnocchi ASAP :)

See How To Make the Gnocchi:


3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Gnocchi

  • Author: B. Britnell
  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Cook Time: 40 minutes
  • Total Time: 1 hour
  • Yield: 2-4 1x


  • 2 large sweet potatoes
  • 2 cups of gluten free flour (all purpose flour will also work perfectly) + 1/2 a cup
  • 2 teaspoons of salt


To make the gnocchi:

  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degreesF. Poking a few holes in them with a fork, bake the sweet potatoes for 40-50 minutes or until tender. You’ll know they’re done when a fork can be pressed into the center rather easily. Set aside to let cool enough for you to handle them easily.
  2. Combine the salt and 2 cups of the flour. Flour a work surface and pour your flour mixture onto the surface. Make a well in the middle of the flour.
  3. Once the sweet potatoes are cool enough to handle, remove the skin and place them, one at a time, into the potato ricer. Rice both of the potatoes right on top of the flour (see picture above).
  4. Once all of the potato has been riced, flour your hands and begin working the sweet potato into the flour. Continue to work the mixture until it’s fully combined. You don’t want the dough to be sticky so keep adding four until you get a nice dry dough.
  5. Once fully combined, roll the dough into a ball and cut it into eight even pieces. Roll each piece into a long log that’s about 1/2 an inch thick. Cut pieces the gnocchi into 1 inch pieces. Gently toss each piece into flour to ensure that it’s dry and not sticky at any edges. Continue until you’ve cut out pieces from all of the dough.
  6. Optional: using a gnocchi board or fork, press grooves into each piece of gnocchi.
  7. The gnocchi can be stored in the fridge for 3 days, the freeze for a few weeks, or cooked right away.

To cook the gnocchi:

  1. Heat a pot of salted water to a boil. Add in the gnocchi and let cook for a couple minutes. Once the gnocchi floats to the surface of the water, let it boil for 30 more seconds and then remove it from the water using a slotted spoon.
  2. Toss in your favorite sauce (I like toss mine in a bit of dairy free butter and fresh herbs) and ENJOY!

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64 comments on “3 Ingredient Sweet Potato Gnocchi”

  1. We know you and paint colours! Sending good wishes to youngest chicken :)

  2. I’ve wanted to make my own many times too and have tried once before but sort of cheated I suppose, no fancy grooves or anything I just made balls haha. I love how dense gnocci are though. It really does it for me. Yours look amazing!

  3. I made this tonight! I don’t know if I cooked it correctly but it tasted good. It was my first time making or eating gnocchi. Super simple and tasty. I tossed it in some thyme butter and everyone ate it. I will try it again.

  4. Oh no! I hope your little chicken feels better soon! :( Also – this sweet potato gnocchi looks insanely delicious. I love making my own gnocchi at home!! :D

  5. I just made this for dinner using brown rice flour and OH MY GOODNESS these gnocchi are amazing!! Topped it off with homemade pesto and it was perfection! Definitely a recipe I will make again and share with family & friends :)

    • Thank you SO much for sharing this, Jillian! I’m so glad that you liked it. I haven’t made this in a while and will definitely be adding it to my dinner menu here soon :) Thanks again for coming back to let me know.

  6. Hi, I’m not much of a flour person so the only flours I keep on hand are: oat, almond and coconut. I don’t suppose the GF flour in this recipe could be replaced with any of these, can it?

  7. I love the simplicity of your recipe, I’ll try it tonight, have you tried to bake your potatoes in the microwave? Also, I’m thinking of using chckpea flour. Thanks

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  9. How much is 2 large sweet potatoes exactly? haha :P

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  11. This was so rich delicious and terribly easy. I must admit substitutions. I too do not like flour so I used a combo of corn flour and coconut flour, which was light and fluffy. Then I made a rich avocado pesto with a smoked olive oil so it had the trifecta of rich, sweet, and smokey. YUM!

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  13. Can I make with russet potatoes ? and I’ll be using brown rice flour..
    what would you suggest for how many russet potatoes and how much brown rice flour?

    (for getting the same amount of gnocchi?


  14. Can I freeze the gnocchi after they’re shaped and before they are boiled?

  15. Do you know what kind of sauce was used with the original recipe from The Family Wash? I’ve been looking for the recipe since it’s been taken off the menu and finally came across yours!!! But I also loved their sauce. I would greatly appreciate any information as I am excited that I have now found this and can make myself.

    Thank you!

    • Did you ever find out? My dad taught me how to make gnocchi. He died a few years ago, but I like making gnocchi on his birthday. My boyfriend is gluten-free, lactose-intolerant and allergic to nightshades so this Sicilian-American is looking for something I can still make on my dad’s birthday but that I can share with the BF. I really don’t know what sauce to use.

      • I’m honestly not sure what the sauce was. BUT, I know someone who works there and will see if I can find out!

        • Awesome! A restaurant back home used to do brown sugar, butter and pork and walnuts, but IDK the actual recipe. If I get that, I’ll share! I also saw a butter, sage and sausage that goes with butternut squash, so it should work with sweet potato. But if that restaurant your friend works at got rave reviews, I’d love to try that! Hope your day is going well!

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  17. Hi! This looks amazing – I can’t wait to try this out. I had a quick question – have you tried you try making this with canned pumpkin? I think this would be an awesome fall recipe.

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  23. I’ve just made these and they were AWESOME. Followed your recipe exactly. And then I fried them in a bit of browned butter to give them that outer crispiness that my boyfriend and I love so much… then I threw some wilted kale on top and the colors and flavors were great. Thanks for the simple and delicious recipe!

  24. So good! My 4 year old loved helping make it and he’s eating his second helping.

  25. How is large for the sweet potatoes please?

  26. I just have a question, I’m new to the no wheat thing, been doing the whole 30 and been cooking with coconut flour. Do you think it would work for the sweet potatoes gnocchi? 
    Thank you, 

  27. How many sweet potatoes for 5 people?  3 potatoes?

    • For 5 people I would double the recipe. So, 4 medium-large sweet potatoes. You *might* have a little extra depending on how much people eat and if you’re serving anything with it

  28. Oh Brita, this looks fabulous! Who knew gnocchi could be so easy and look SO pretty? I love your photos! I love sweet potatoes but rarely eat them… always calorie and carb conscious. I don’t suppose this might work as well with butternut squash or perhaps pumpkin? What do you think?

  29. Will this mix make pasta?  If I run it through my machine i’d Like to make ravioli 

    • While I do think that this would make pasta, I have never tried it and cannot say for sure. Sorry I can’t be of more help. If you end up testing it out. Please let me know how it works out!

  30. On a program where I can only use 
    Cassava, coconut, or almond flour. Would any of these work in this recipe and if yes would the quantity remain the same? 

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  33. I’m obsessed and make this all the time! I substituted with gluten free blend Cup4Cup and it turned out great! I’ve mixed with red pesto suace and bacon! And had the left overs in the morning with a poached egg! SOOOO good and so easy! 

  34. Do you have the macros for this dish?? Thank you :)

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  36. This was SO good. And easy. Thank you!

  37. Apparently I’m the only person who didn’t succeed with this recipe! I made this last night and mine turned out really dense and gummy :( Does that mean I overworked the dough? I was worried at the time that I was doing that, but it was also still sticky and I kept having to work in more of the flour. Darn! My partner did say I overstated how bad I thought they turned out (I think he was just being nice). This was my first time making gnocchi, for what it’s worth. Maybe I’ll attempt again after I get my courage back – thanks for the recipe!

    • SO sorry to hear that it didn’t turn out for you, Renee! I think if it was still gummy then it just didn’t have enough flour in it to begin with. And like you said, adding it in and kneading it more may have overworked the dough. If you try it again, maybe try adding a few more tablespoons of flour at the beginning and hopefully that solves the issue. Sorry again!

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  40. I made this on a whim because I had the ingredients on hand and was SO impressed with how it turned out!!! I have tried tons of gluten-free pasta recipes and this is by far my favorite! I will be making this again and again for sure :)

  41. I made the 3 ingredient sweet potato gnocchi and they fell apart completely in the water.  I added egg to moisten and make stickier – I’m not vegan. They stayed together a bit better but still fell apart.  Maybe the potatoes weren’t moist enough?  I used gluten free rice flour and coconut flour.  

    • I don’t have a lot of experience with rice flour but coconut flour is a completely different beast from all purpose gluten flour. I’ve never tried making this with coconut flour and doubt that it would work very well. I suggest oat flour or a gluten free 1-1 blend

  42. These are so delicious. Your instructions were easy to follow, THANK you!!!!

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  45. When do I freeze them? Raw, after they are shaped, before boiling? Thanks!