1) I’ve discovered lately that Fridays have become my favorite day in the blogosphere (and in the real world for that matter). All the good link ups are on Fridays and I always look forward to my five things on Friday as a way to stream together all the random thoughts in my head. 
2) These lovely things came in the mail yesterday. Now I just have to figure out how the heck you’re supposed to use 9 different brushes (coming from a person who only uses about 3-4 brushes for everything). I never claimed to be a beauty blogging expert. I’m setting that record straight now.

3) Starting next week, life is going to get extra crazy again. I enjoy life best when it’s busy as hell. My night classes start up (my LAST semester) and it’s the busy busy season at work. Bring it on! ps, goodbye sleep. I’ll miss you.

4) I just marathoned the past 3 seasons of Revenge and I’m so hooked! The worst part about all this is that I can no longer hit the ‘play next’ button on my Roku. I wanna know what happens, NOW!
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5) on Monday I’m posting something that I’ve been working on since I started blogging. So, kind of excited to share that. GET EXCITED! (it’s really not that big of a deal, really. But be excited anyways!!).
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