I am THRILLED that it is Friday. Like, more than I am usually am. This week was crazy at work and I’m looking forward to some time to breathe! I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing, and WARM weekend. With that said, here are my 5 things:

1) If you saw this post on Tuesday, you’ll see the recipe that I shared for chocolate covered heart shaped strawberries. Apparently, these don’t look like hearts to people but rather big brown butts. I was disappointed at first and then decided butts are okay. It’s better than them looking like balls or boobs I suppose. My sister-in-law even recommended that this valentines day treat could come with the tag line “You’ve got a cute butt!”. That’s v-day appropriate. Right? :)

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2) I live right off of a busy road and JUST so happen to have a liquor store right around the corner from my house. It’s starting to cause problems in my life. I may have walked to the liquor store wearing slippers…on multiple occasions (is it weird that I wear slippers?). Anyways, I need to move. It’s mostly interfering with my efforts to be healthy because I keep finding myself being great all day and then end up drinking a quarter of my daily calories in wine at night.

3) I haven’t had a case on my cell phone since Halloween and (knock on wood!) it hasn’t gotten any cracks or scratches or anything. That being said, I need a cute case for my iPhone if you have any recommendations.

4) I cut my own hair again this week, added a bunch of layers, and I’m genuinely proud of how well it turned out! Maybe I should quit my job and go to beauty school! Nah. However, I am seriously considering a career change to being a graphic designer. Shoot….that would likely require me to get another degree. Hmmmm.

5) I have this picture on my phone about 100 times and yet I’m still happy to capture it on every trip to the dog park.


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