Every Friday, my daughter has show and tell and school where each student brings in something that starts with a particular letter. She always likes to bring something from her play kitchen and we often find ourselves completely stumped on what she should take that starts with that weeks letter. 

I figured that I would put together a list of the foods that we’ve come up with. Hopefully this is helpful for you :)

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Below is a compiled list of 27 foods that start with the letter E, along with a short description of them. Have you tried them all?

Is there anything missing from the list that I should add? Leave a comment with what I missed and I’ll be sure to give you credit in the blog post for coming up with it!

  1. Éclair
    Eclairs are long pastries that are filled with cream and topped with chocolate icing. They differ slightly from cream puffs, which are round and coated with powdered sugar. These pastries are often served chilled and are a popular choice paired with tea or coffee.
  2. Edam Cheese
    Edam cheese gets its name from the town of Edam in the Netherlands, where the cheese originated. This cheese is often sold in wheels containing the pale yellow cheese in a coat of red paraffin wax. Unlike other cheeses, it does not spoil. Instead, it hardens over time.
  3. Edamame
    Edamame is a green pod with immature soybeans inside. It is often used in East Asian dishes, and must be cooked before eating. Raw soy is poisonous, but boiling or steaming the edamame makes it safe for human consumption.
  4. Eel
    Eels are a long type of fish without fins. These sea creatures produce a meat that is soft yet tender, without a strong fishy aftertaste. While some feel that it is bland, it is a common ingredient in Korean dishes.
    mashed blck beans on a plate with a fried egg and veggies
  5. Egg
    Eggs are a common ingredient in many dishes and are often eaten alone. The eggs commonly consumed around the world come from female chickens, who lay them. However, people around the world also eat duck eggs, quail eggs, and fish eggs (caviar). Eggs can be served boiled, fried, poached, and more.
  6. Egg Custard
    Egg custard is a cream-based mixture that is typically firmer and thicker than traditional pudding. Instead of using cornstarch or flour to thicken the mixture, custard uses eggs to give it its firm texture. It typically has a sweet, creamy flavor that is derived from the eggs and sugar used to create it.
  7. Egg Drop Soup
    Egg drop soup is a Chinese soup that combines beaten eggs in chicken broth. Additional ingredients include combinations of black or white peppers, finely chopped scallions, and tofu. When the eggs are added, they become light and wispy.
  8. Egg Foo Young
    Egg foo young is a dish similar to an omelette. Variations of this dish exist in Chinese Indonesian, British Chinese, and Chinese American cuisine. It contains eggs and a combination of meat, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, cabbage, spring onions, mushrooms, and water chestnuts.
    chicken noodle soup in a white bowl with crackers around it
  9. Egg Noodles
    Egg noodles are a simple noodle made from flour and eggs. The mixed dough is rolled thin and cut into strips. Packaged egg noodles typically come in a spiral shape. These noodles can be used to make stroganoff and other soups.
  10. Egg Roll
    Egg rolls are a deep-fried rolls served in American Chinese restaurants. These rolls are often filled with shredded cabbage, chopped pork, and other fillings. The filled rolls are then deep fried in oil until cooked. Spring rolls are a vegetarian alternative to the traditional pork egg roll.
  11. Egg Salad
    Egg salad combines chopped eggs (either hard-boiled or scrambled), mustard, mayonnaise, and a mix of vegetable ingredients such as celery. Herbs and seasonings are mixed in to give this dish added flavor. When prepared, it can be served as a side or as a filling for wraps and sandwiches.
  12. Eggnog
    Eggnog is a drink traditionally enjoyed in the winter season. It’s made from a mixture of beaten eggs, cream, and flavoring such as nutmeg and cinnamon. This drink can be served alone or as part of an alcoholic beverage.
    eggplant on a baking sheet pan
  13. Eggplant
    Eggplant is a nightshade plant with an edible fruit. This purple and spongy fruit (which is technically a berry) is often used like a vegetable in cooking. It is typically cooked before it is eaten. This plant mixes well with peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, and spinach.
  14. Eggplant Parmesan
    Eggplant parmesan is a classic Italian baked dish. This comfort food is a vegetarian alternative to the traditional chicken parmesan. Because eggplant has such a mild flavor, it takes on the flavors of the sauce and cheese used in the dish. It can be served with antipasto salad, grilled zucchini, and other Italian side dish options.
  15. Eggs Benedict
    Eggs Benedict is a common American breakfast, first popularized in New York City. This dish uses two halves of an English muffin topped with Canadian bacon, a poached egg, and hollandaise sauce. According to tradition, this dish was named after Mr. and Mrs. LeGrand Benedict in the 1860s, who were regular customers at the Delmonico’s restaurant in New York City.
  16.  Elderberry
    Elderberries come from a flowering plant in the honeysuckle family. These antioxidant-rich berries can reduce inflammation, protect the heart, and lessen cold and flu symptoms. They are not especially sweet and have a hint of tart flavor.
  17. Elephant Ears
    Elephant ear pastries combine layers of puff pastry with cinnamon and sugar. These delicious and buttery pastries are a classic French pastry, often enjoyed at fairs and festivals. They can be made at home in the oven or air fryer.
  18. Elk
    Elk is often used as a leaner alternative to beef. This tender meat tastes similar to beef, yet has a hint of sweetness to it. There is more protein and less cholesterol in elk than in beef, pork, or chicken. This makes it both a delicious and healthy alternative to standard meat choices.
    empanadas stacked up on a back tray with salsa in the corner
  19. Empanada
    Empanadas are turnovers that combine pastry and filling before being baked or fried. Empanada variations exist in European, Latin American, and Philippine cuisine. They can be filled with either sweet or savory fillings, making them a versatile dish.
  20. Eggos
    Eggos are frozen waffles that are heated up by popping them in a toaster to thaw and crisp up. They gained popularity in the 80s and remain a childhood favorite of many people.
    enchiladas in a large tray topped with sour cream and avocado
  21. Enchiladas
    Enchiladas involve filling corn tortillas with fillings and covering them in a savory sauce. This Mexican dish can be filled with different meats, seafood, beans, cheese, potatoes, vegetables, or any combination of ingredients. The filled and topped enchiladas are typically baked before serving.
  22. Endive
    Endive is a leafy vegetable, similar to other bitter-leafed vegetables. It is related to radicchio, puntarelle, and Belgian endive. This vegetable can be served raw or cooked. When raw, they contain a bitter taste that pairs well with other salad ingredients. When they are cooked, they gain a nutty sweetness. For health-conscious eaters, endive’s crunch offers a healthier alternative to chips.
  23. English Muffins
    English muffins are small sourdough rolls. These rolls are traditionally sliced horizontally, toasted, and buttered. However, they can be topped with other ingredients to make Eggs Benedict and other breakfast foods. In fast food, they are a popular choice for breakfast sandwiches (such as the Egg McMuffin).
  24. Escargot
    Escargot is a French dish made from cooked snails. This hors d’oeuvre is enjoyed by people in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, as well as at French restaurants in the United States and Canada. The snails are removed from their shells, cooked, and placed back in their shells for presentation.
    coffee beans being ground up in a coffee grinder
  25. Espresso
    Espresso is a method of brewing coffee, where a small amount of almost boiling water is forced with pressure through finely-ground coffee beans. It can be made with different coffee beans to create hot or cold coffee beverages. Espresso can also be added to a chai tea latte, making it a “dirty chai.”
  26. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Olive oil is a liquid oil obtained from olives, typically grown in the Mediterranean Basin. Whole olives are pressed and the oil is extracted. Extra virgin olive oil is made from pure, cold-pressed olives instead of combining cold-pressed and processed olive oils. It is used in cooking, for frying foods, and as part of dressings for salad.
    macaroni pasta salad in a large bowl
  27. Elbow Macaroni
    This is a type of pasta that is traditionally used in macaroni and cheese as well as macaroni pasta salad. It’s small in size than many other pastas and is found at most American grocery stores.