Food is both fun and delicious! To celebrate our love of food, we’ve compiled a simple list of 20 foods that start with the letter Y. How many have you tried?

My daughter has show and tell every week at her daycare where each student brings in something that starts with a particular letter, such as the letter “Y”. She always likes to bring something from her play kitchen and we often find ourselves completely stumped on what she should take that starts with that weeks particular letter. 

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I figured that I would put together a list of the foods that we’ve come up with that start with the letter Y. Hopefully this is helpful for you :)

Below is a compiled list of 20 foods that start with the letter Y, along with a short description of them. Is there anything missing from the list that I should add? Leave a comment with what I missed and I’ll be sure to give you credit in the blog post for coming up with it!

  1. Yabby
    Yabby is a type of Australian crustacean that can be boiled and eaten plain or with condiments. This sweet meat can be found in fresh fish markets in Australia, like the Sydney Fish Market. However, it has been labeled by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as a vulnerable species. Wild yabby populations remain strong, expanding into manmade reservoirs and farm dams.
  2. Yacon
    The yacon is a species of daisy that is grown for its crisp, sweet-tasting, tuberous roots. It tastes like a sweet cross between apples, watermelon, mild celery, and a touch of pear. Yacon can be eaten with vegetables in a salad or cooked into a sauce similar to applesauce. 
  3. Yakhnet Batata
    Yakhnet batata is a Lebanese stew similar to yakhnet sabanegh (described below). This soup combines beef and vegetables, including potato. It is often served alone or with steamed white rice.
  4. Yakhnet Sabanegh
    Yakhnet sabanegh is a Lebanese stew consisting of spinach, beef, nuts, lemon, oil, and broth. The lemon used in this dish gives a tasty freshness to this savory soup dish. Alternatively, some yakhnet sabanegh recipes use chicken instead of beef. It is served alone or with steamed white rice.
  5. Yakhni
    Yakhni is a light curry or broth commonly prepared in areas from South Asia to the Balkans. Yogurt, saffron, and meat are combined to make this savory dish. While the yogurt provides a richness to the broth, the saffron adds savory notes and a bright yellow coloring. Yakhni is often served with rice, pulao, or naan. 
pears cooked in flavored syrup in a large pot
  1. Yali Pear
    The yali pear, also known as the Chinese white pear, is a hybrid pear native to North China. These delicious pears are sweet with a greenish-yellow skin and a crisp, white interior. They are sweet, mildly tart, and very juicy. Some describe their flavor as having notes of cinnamon, anise, spice, and vanilla. Yali pears can be eaten raw and are sometimes used in skin care products for their detoxifying characteristics.
  2. Yamarita
    A yamarita is a boiled yam coated in egg, flour, ginger, garlic, and salt. After it has been coated, it is fried and served. This dish is a popular Nigerian dish that is often served with tomato stew or sauce.
side shot of a sweet potato pie with a slice taken out
  1. Yams
    Yams are edible tubers have been cultivated in Africa, Asia, and America. They have a rough skin that is made softer by heating. Yams come in a variety of colors and are used in both sweet and savory dishes. Although the sweet potato is a different plant, people in the United States often use “yam” and “sweet potato” interchangeably. 
  2. Yangmei
    Yangmei is a subtropical tree grown for its fruit. The fruit from the yangmei tree is sometimes called Chinese bayberry, Japanese bayberry, yumberry, waxberry, or Chinese strawberry. This fruit has a sweet and tart flavor, similar to a strawberry or raspberry. It is commonly used in juice or tea or eaten plain. Yangmei can also be used in jams, jellies, and other fruit preserves.
  3. Yassa
    Yassa is a popular West African dish prepared with onions and either marinated poultry or marinated fish. Lemon and mustard can also be added to this spicy dish, which is served hot. Yassa can be served by itself or with steamed white rice.
  4. Yeast
    Yeast is a fungus that can convert sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. This reaction, when used in baked goods, causes them to rise. It’s estimated that yeast varieties make up 1% of all known fungal species. When yeast or other rising agents are used in bread, the bread is considered leavened. 
  5. Yellow Eye Beans
    Yellow eye beans are a bean variety related to the more commonly known kidney bean. They have an orange-yellow color and a creamy texture when cooked. Yellow eye beans can be prepared in a variety of dishes or served alone.
  6. Yellowfin Tuna
    Yellowfin tuna is a species of tuna that is often marketed as ahi. It is closely related to bigeye tuna. Yellowfin tuna has a mild, meaty flavor that is similar to swordfish. It can be served raw as sashimi and in certain varieties of sushi. When cooked, the meat breaks into large flakes of grayish-tan or brown flesh. 
  7. Yogurt
    Yogurt is created when milk is fermented with certain bacteria. These bacteria are commonly called yogurt cultures. Yogurt can be eaten by itself or in parfaits. Frozen yogurt is an alternative to ice cream, commonly topped with a variety of toppings. Yogurt can be used in recipes from chicken marinades to savory dips. Some people use plain yogurt as a replacement for mayo in recipes.
  1. Yolks
    Yolks are the yellow center of an egg. They are rich in nutrients and high in cholesterol. Because they are often inexpensive and easy to prepare, they are a common dietary staple around the world. While most Americans eat yolks from chicken eggs, eggs from other animals like ducks and quails are also edible.
  2. Yorkshire Pudding
    Yorkshire pudding is a side dish common in England. This pudding combines eggs, flour, and milk or water into a batter, which is then baked. It should taste savory instead of sweet, with a slight eggy flavor. Yorkshire pudding can be flavored with mustards, herbs, onions, bacon, and other ingredients.
  3. Youngberry
    Youngberries are a cross between raspberries, blackberries, and dewberries. These berries are often sweeter and juicier than blackberries and turn a deep purplish-black when ripe. They can be eaten raw or used in berry jams, jellies, and preserves.
  4. Yucca
    Yucca, also known as cassava, is a woody shrub native to South America. Yucca is a starchy root similar to potatoes, although its flavor is slightly sweeter. It has a mild and nutty flavor. Yucca fries have a mildly sweet flavor, similar to sweet potato fries. Because yucca is so nutrient rich, it is a popular potato replacement for athletes.
  1. Yukon Gold Potatoes
    Yukon gold potatoes are potatoes with thin, smooth, eye-free skin and yellow tinted flesh. This type of potato was originally cultivated in the 1960s in Ontario, Canada. Yukon gold potatoes are a hybrid between North American white potatoes and wild South American yellow-fleshed potatoes.
  2. Yuzu
    Yuzu is a citrus fruit commonly used in Japanese cuisine. It is like a cross between a lemon and a lime. This fruit is very sour and tart, making it good for juice and zest in prepared dishes. Fresh yuzu cannot be legally imported into the United States because legislators want to protect American growers from diseases prevalent in Asian groves.