Consider this my Five on Friday. As I’ve been ridiculously busy this week, I’ve neglected a few important things that I need to be better about:

1) Drinking water! Yesterday I had half a glass as I went to bed…that’s IT for the whole day! I did have 4 cups of coffee though :/

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2) Writing things down. I simply operate SO much better if I write things down. Yes, that even includes “drink more water”. I’d like for my lists to be all organized but even if I can manage to write everything down into one long to-do list, I’d be doing better.

3) Procrastinating. Why do I put things off to the very last minute!? Lists will help with that.

4) Calling my mom. I need to do that more for sure!

5) Breathing. Sometime I get (a little too) wrapped up in what I’m doing that I find myself overly anxious and stressed out. Yes, I have a lot going on right now but nothing I can’t handle. Breathe.

Look, I feel better already. This blogging thing really is therapeutic! And here are some lovely link-ups for today that you should check out:

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