In just a few short months I’ll be 27 years old. TWENTY SEVEN. I might as well be 30. That just seems so old! Like, really old. Growing up, I had a lot of wild expectations for how my life would turn out and for where I’d be and what I’d be doing when I was pushing 30. I hope my ten year old self wouldn’t be disappointed in me.

Truth be told, I typed a book on this topic and then decided to scrap it and just show you this video that I found instead. BuzzFeed says it all better than me.

Has anyone else felt this way!!? I think I’m on the tail end of it all but I’ll tell you that trying to decide what you want to be when you grow up isn’t always fun and exciting. It just isn’t.

I’ll think I’m on the right track but then every time I hit a road block, I question it all and wonder how my life would be if I had never moved away from DC or if I had gone to law school or…so many other things.

My advice: if there’s something you’ve always dreamed of doing then DO IT NOW. Whether it be as simple as taking a trip or more complex like quitting your job and pursuing a completely different career. Pursue what will make you happy. If you don’t do it now, you never will. Plan that trip, take that first course towards a new/ different degree. Also, don’t forget to be gracious and cognizant of what you have and where you are right now. And…

Look at me pulling off a slightly drunken handstand.