I’ve never been one to have celebrity crushes. Growing up I never hung posters of the Backstreet Boys, Hansen, or Britney Spears on my bedroom walls. I just never really got that into it all. However, as an adult, I have a massive “celebrity crush” (if you will) on the dear Duchess of Cambridge. I mean, come on, how can you not love everything about Kate Middleton?

I love what a style icon she has become to our generation. Just a few weeks ago, she was seen wearing this Zara necklace and within a day, it was completely sold out. Now the only way to get it is by paying 4 or more times it’s original price on ebay. I did find quite a few similar to it though.

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This is by far one of my favorite dresses that I’ve seen her wear. Even if I could afford this, I’m not sure I’d have anywhere to wear it to.

In fact, many of her outfits are like that: I would never really be able to pull them off in my life but she sure makes them look fabulous.

And all of the glamour aside, she also has great street style. I love the skinnies and blazer look that she is so often seen wearing.

I’ve been searching for the perfect red coat like this. This one is a bit longer than I’m looking for but naturally, she makes it work.

I just really love everything about her style! So classy and elegant all the time. Although, I’m pretty sure she would look good even in a burlap sack to be honest.

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