Asheville According to my iPhone


Look at me….the blurry poster child for Zico coconut water.

I spent this past weekend in Asheville, NC and it was such a great weekend that I felt it needed to be formally documented. I traveled there with my team to play the Blueridge Rollergirls on Saturday night.  All of the time before and after the game was spent enjoying the city and eating lots of yummy food (with a specific focus on coffee, chocolate, and beer). Oh yea, and WE WON!!!

I lugged my DSLR around with me all weekend but ended up using my phone camera for most of the weekend. I got loads of blurry pictures, like the one above. I also stole some camera photos from friends (Hi Dagger!) like this one:



Took some (uncharacteristic) selfies


Ate some good food



Stole a snapchat (I feel so scandalous when I screenshot a snapchat).


Drank Coca Cola because it’s for winners


And now, a photo dump…

asheville-12 asheville-13 asheville-11 asheville-9 asheville-5 asheville-1

My team is traveling to Portand, Oregon next month and Boston in June and I’m looking forward to more fun fun times!

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4 comments on “Asheville According to my iPhone”

  1. love asheville!! cute photos. i think i went to one of the places you did… some adorable vegetarian cafe? i forget its name.

  2. Great photos! I’d love to go there sometime. Well done on winning :)

  3. I was in Asheville this weekend too!!

  4. :) you make me smile!