kitten in photos-7

Happy Tuesday, friends! I’m here with what I suspect is just the first of many installments that I’m simply calling “Kitten in Photos”. While I’ve posted pictures of her here and there (and I’ve certainly snapchatted her 1,000,000 times), I’ve never formally introduced this little mess of a kitten that we got back in December.

World, meet Crookshanks.

kitten in photos-14

You might notice that she’s missing whiskers on one side of her face. They were there when we got her and at some point along the past few months, they disappeared. I suspect a candle got the best of her curiosity. I also suspect that it will never happen again. <<< The life lessons that all kittens must learn.

Anyways, since we got her back in December, I have accumulated a ridiculous amount of photos of Crookshanks. And I’m not talking “aww look at the cute thing she’s doing! Quick, take a picture!”. What I mean by “I have a lot of photos of my cat” is that basically every. single. time. I go to photograph food (which, let’s be honest, is on a daily basis), I inadvertently get multiple photos of the kitten as well.

Exhibit A:

kitten in photos-1kitten in photos-2

In her defense here, I was using one of her balls to prop up my cutting board (the life of a food blogger) and she really just wanted it back:

kitten in photos-3

Sometimes she just wants a quick taste:

kitten in photos-19 kitten in photos-17 kitten in photos-15 kitten in photos-10

Sometimes she wants to play:

kitten in photos-11 kitten in photos-4

When she’s not ON my photography table, she’s playing underneath it.^^^^^^^^^^

And a lot of times she’s just plain curious:

kitten in photos-16 kitten in photos-13 kitten in photos-12 kitten in photos-9

This little runt is fearless! She walks around the house (when she’s not sprinting around the house) like she owns the place. She lays in the dogs’ food bowls just for fun (even though it drives the dogs CRAZY). And, we can no longer leave food out on the counter even for 5 minutes unless we’re okay with Crookshanks having a little taste.

We’ve grown pretty fond of her over the past few months. Even Stephen likes her and that’s saying something.

kitten in photos-8

I have a strong feeling that this kitten will be showing up in many future food photos :)