Yep, that’s right. Later today I’m going to hop inside of a tube with wings that are going to magically transport me to London and I am very excited!

Here are some things:

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1) I’m done with work until I return on January 6. I am VERY very excited about this break. Like, really. A nice rest will do me good especially since when I return, we’ll hit the ground running and I’ll be pretty swamped at work till at least April. Yay for holidays.

2) I miss my puppies already. Why can’t they come with me??

3) It was 63 degrees in Nashville yesterday. SIXTY THREE! I’m a bit sad to be leaving this weather behind. I don’t much like the cold (as in, I hate it SO so much). Hopefully England’s winter will treat me nice while I’m there.

4) TOO many times lately I have been typing in a hurry and end up signing my name in posts and emails as “Birta” which is rather similar to Burtha and that’s just not okay (sorry if you’re real name is Burtha). Note to self: double check you spelled your name right before hitting send. geeze.

5) What should I do/ see in London!? I don’t want to miss anything important so PLEASE let me know if there are any restaurants or shops or anything that I just can’t miss out on! Also, I’ll be in Cornwall for a while if you’ve got suggestions for there.

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