London in Pictures

Of the 1,022 pictures I took while we were in London for 4 days, I have narrowed it down to this one post.

There was a Dunkin’ Donuts right by the train station by our hotel. So naturally, we ate there basically every morning for breakfast. And every morning I saw these donuts that I thought were overly pretty for a donut.

This is one of the very few pictures I got at Windsor Castle. It was SO windy and cold that day that I ended up just letting my camera have a rest.

Most of my pictures look something like this where I was fighting off the rain and wind just to take a decent pictures.

If this says anything about how rainy and wet it is in England, they have umbrella vending machines because of the frequency of the rain:

Don’t let the above picture deceive you. The weather wasn’t nice in London most of the time we were there. I added clouds to the above shot just for a little photoshop practice. Below is what the sky really looked like: gloom.

I drank hot drinks, like Mulled Cider, the who trip to stay warm. We also ate calamari about 4 different times while in England. I guess you could say that we like it.

Above is a view from inside the Tower Bridge of London.

Our last day in London we finally had nice weather and we spent the day walking around the city and doing some shopping. But first, we stopped by Buckingham Palace. I must say, after visiting Windsor the day before, I wasn’t much impressed with Buckingham Palace or Kensington Palace.

Afterwards we strolled through Hyde Park before hitting up some shopping spots.

Naturally, a stop at Ladurée was necessary.

And Fortnum and Mason for tea

We truly had a wonderful trip and I’m glad that I was able to share some of it with you.

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16 comments on “London in Pictures”

  1. Oh , I have a HUGE crush on London . Love your photos.
    Noor @ Noor’s Place

  2. stunning photos! never been, but everything looks so picturesque. is it just me or does the food in london look prettier than it does here??

    xoxo hobovogue ღ

    • thank you!! We definitely had some pretty amazing food while there. My mom goes to England occasionally for work and she always complains that she doesn’t like the food there. I had no complaints though :)

    • Prague (Praha) never fails to fascinate you. All eight corners of the old town square of Prague sports a beautiful mix of modern and fourteenth century arrttiechuce. Of special mention are those buildings with Gothic architecture. I’m told that Gothic architecture is peculiar in providing asymmetry to the stance of the building, giving the entire structure a surrealistic image – a strange mixture of art, culture and magic.

  3. Those are the prettiest donuts I have ever seen – in my life. Can you please pack me in your bag next time you go???!! I want to visit all those place in yo pitchas!

    • I’d say my suitcase is probably big enough for that :) And yea, aren’t those donuts really pretty considering they’re from Dunkin donuts!? hah

  4. Way to make me hungry right off the bat with those donuts–beautiful pictures!!


  5. your gorgeous pictures make me want to go back! i’m happy you enjoyed your trip!

  6. Which Laduree did you go to? Sadly, Buckingham Palace is amazing to tour, but they only have a few weeks out of the year when it’s opened for groups. I am also super impressed with your photoshop skills! x

    • We went to the small one that was right at the entrance to an arcade. It was a block or so from the Ritz and Fortnum and Mason, if that helps.

      I’ve heard great things about touring Buckingham Palace so I was disappointed that it’s only open for tours a couple months a year.

  7. london looks sooo beautiful i hope i get to travel there one day!!

  8. You got some gorgeous photos!! I hope to go to London one day.. definitely on my travel list. I think that is pretty neat that there is an umbrella vending machine.

  9. London is on my list of places I’d love to visit! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos with us!

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    Headband Giveaway!

  10. I’ve never seen umbrella vending machines but what a great idea – Cornwall needs them badly! Buckingham Palace is worth seeing if you get the chance and according reports of the Queen’s financial woes it might be opened more often in the future.