Yea, I know Christmas was so 3 weeks ago but the main reason I started this blog was for myself and I know that future me will want to remember this. So, sorry, you’ll have to deal with some Christmas pictures and a trip to Stonehenge today.

As I’m SURE you know by now, I spent Christmas in Cornwall with my husbands family.

On Christmas Eve we went to a local restaurant with Stephen’s grandparents and ate a lovely 3 (or 4?) course meal. I ate a ridiculous amount of meat and potatoes on this trip.

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The food was delicious and we spent quite a while in the restaurant just chatting and waiting until our stomachs were okay to try and walk again.

Stephen’s grandparents:

I have a thing for Bailey’s. It’s kind of a problem.

On boxing day we decided to make a day trip (about a 3 hour drive each way) from Cornwall to Stonehenge. Apparently making such a trip is unheard of in England as Stephen’s grandparents couldn’t believe that we’d drive so far and back in just one day. It was definitely worth it though.

Have you ever been to Stonehenge?? It was pretty amazing.