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Weekend Wonders is a new little thing that I’m going to do to recap my weekends. It is named this because of how incredibly wonderful weekends are. Really it’s just an excuse to dump a bunch of pictures on my blog so that I can go back and enjoy them later.

I had a very lovely weekend which consisted of food, food, puppies, friends, chickens, and food. It was delightful.

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weekend wonders-3


I hosted a little dinner party with some of my favorite Nashville blogger friends. It’s so nice to be around friends who won’t judge you for taking pictures of every single aspect of your meal. They might, however, judge me for taking candid photos of them taking photos :) Sorry Mary, I couldn’t resist this one.

weekend wonders-2

The dinner party itself is a colab that I’m doing with one of my new favorite food bloggers, Sara from Cake Over Steak, and I can’t wait to share all of it with you soon!

Right as my guests arrived I remembered that the chickens were still running around in the backyard and I needed to get them back in their baby chick home or else I’d worry about them all night.


^^^This is Ursula. She is named this because she is the meanest of all the chickens. We love her anyways.


That tarp covered thing is their almost finished chicken coop. It just needs a roof and the finished run attached. OH and some paint. I can’t wait to paint it! Hopefully they’ll be in their new home by this weekend.


The only bad part of my weekend is the cold that I acquired. By Sunday morning I had a full blown sinus headache that left me wanting to do nothing but sleep. This worked out as all of my plans for the day were pretty much canceled due to storms and rain. So, I enjoyed a quiet, lazy Sunday in with leftovers and lots of puppy cuddles.

weekend wonders-8

And y’all, I bought my first succulents and officially joined the succulents fan club (not a real thing (that I know of)). I want 800 more of these all around my house now!

weekend wonders-1

Well friends, that’s all. I hope your weekend was as lovely as mine. I hope you feel well rested, well fed, and ready to take on the week!