I had planned to post this last week but if you were around and read this post, you’ll know that I was distracted with silly life things. Anywho, I got married this past June in Nashville and I think my photographer did such a lovely job that I wanted to share some of the photos (plus, I just want to show them to everyone, so deal with it).

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Amber Davis, a lovely Nashville photographer that seems to do mostly engagements and weddings, took our photos for the day. We had a very small, intimate wedding in the Tennessee State Capitol. I work in state government and was really obsessed with the idea of having my wedding in the Capitol. I didn’t think it would happen but since it was so small, they allowed it. It’s a place that means a lot to me and will always make our wedding day that much more memorable.
Ok, I’ll stop talking. You just want to see the pictures anyways!

This is my baby bracelet from the day I was born. My mom saved it and wrapped it up with “the key to her heart”. She did the same thing for my brother and presented his to my sister-in-law on their wedding day. She had both of us tuck it into our bouquets. My mom’s sweet and sentimental like that.

 Our first look. I gave him a jewelry box as a wedding gift which is what I’m holding.

My little brother had the honor of walking me down the aisle.

We got married in the “Old Senate Library”. It’s SO pretty.

These are the illustrious stairs that we’re supposed to be forbidden from standing on. Oops.

So, true story: I made all the flower arrangements all by myself. My bouquet turned out NOTHING like I wanted but I’m still happy with it.

Just to set the record straight: my husband did not also have a bouquet ;)
This bouquet was my inspiration and kind of what I was shooting for:

via Style Me Pretty
Of course, I put off looking into the flowers until about 7 days before. hah. The roses I wanted were out of stock everywhere and my football mums didn’t have the curly affect that they do in the above picture. Oh well. I made it myself and for that I’m proud.

While some things (like the flowers) I put off till the last minute, the shoes were not one of them. I spent months trying to decide on shoes. I bought (and returned) something like 4 different pairs of shoes before deciding on these. I wasn’t going for inexpensive shoes but when I found these in the super sale aisle at DSW, I knew they were the ones.

One thing you should know about me: I’m excessively patriotic. I just really love America.

Typical for me and my brother. “Normal” pictures are highly overrated. 

We had our reception at the Hermitage Hotel which is just a block from the State Capitol. It’s so beautiful there and even though I had such a small group of people (compared to a lot of the large wedding they see at the hotel on the weekends) they still treated me like royalty. The event and catering staff at the Hermitage were Amazing.

AND, this is where my makeup starts to come off.

I didn’t even tell her I was posting these but if you’re in the greater Nashville area and need a photographer, I highly recommend AmberHere’s her Facebook too.

Next, I kind of want to post all of the pictures from the day that I laughed out loud at do to how awkward with pictures both my husband and I are. heh.