Kate+Chris 68 sm I mentioned earlier this year that I wanted to get into photography a bit more. I’ve done quite a few shoots since then but have been so busy sharing recipes with you that I haven’t showed much of my photography. But, I did an engagement shoot last weekend and really wanted to share a couple of the pictures. Kate and Chris were so much fun to work with and I look forward to get through the rest of their 1000 photos. Kate-+-Chris-3 sm Kate+Chris 58 sm

How pretty does she look here!!?! Kate+Chris 20 sm Kate+Chris 56 sm   Kate+Chris11 sm Kate+Chris 65 sm Kate+Chris 64 sm Kate+Chris 39 sm Kate+Chris 38 sm Kate-+-Chris-10 sm Kate-+-Chris-9 sm Kate-+-Chris-5 sm Kate-+-Chris-4 sm Kate-+-Chris-3 sm