A Beach in Cornwall

A few days after Christmas, my husband and I had an afternoon free and so I asked him to take me to the beach! This particular day was one of the few “nice” days we had during our 2 weeks in England so it was the perfect day for a stroll on the beach.
Plus, I’ve heard a lot of beautiful things about the beaches in Cornwall. And for good reason as you will see.

This guy was just a natural at getting his picture made

This is where I underestimate the size of the waves and end up with water in my boots:

And then we found that if you climbed a little cliff there were some steep stairs that led to a beautiful walk that overlooked the ocean.

We captured this with one hella awesome tripod (a conglomerate of sticks and rocks).

This picture of a random family is probably one of my favorite shots from the whole trip. HOW precious is this:

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7 comments on “A Beach in Cornwall”

  1. These pictures are so beautiful and they look really professional! That looks like the perfect day to visit the beach!


  2. Thanks Lauren!! I spent quite a bit of time editing them so I’m glad you like them!

  3. These photos make me want to travel so badly!

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  5. Girl. You could be a photographer. Just gorgeous!

    • Thanks! That means a lot. I took all the photos myself except for the ones I’m in (obviously). And even those, I got the camera set the way I wanted it and just told my husband to press the click button. I guess I’ll give him a little credit :)

  6. Wonderful pictures! A certain person got the worst sunburn ever on that same beach many summers ago :)