My husband and I went to Atlanta this past weekend to celebrate his birthday, visit with some friends, and do a few things around the city. We drove up early on Saturday morning with the intention of spending the day at the Georgia Aquarium. Neither of us had ever been before and we had a really good time! It was quite crowded as I would have expected. It would be really nice to go sometime on a weekday when there are….a few less kiddos running around. :)
I’m going to warn you now: this is a massive picture dump. I’ll also warn you that some of the pics are kind of crappy since I’m still getting used to my new camera and was having a hard time adjusting for all the horrible lighting. Either way, enjoy!
When you walk in, you’re greeted by these lovely fish.
I enjoyed all of the massive tanks and walkways that completely surrounded you by water and fish.

BY FAR one of my favorite parts was seeing the jelly fish! I had fun photographing them

Seeing all of the colorful fish make me really want to get a fish tank! One day, maybe

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The penguins and the dolphins put on a great little show!

They had one REALLY massive tank with multiple kinds of sharks, sting rays, and 100 other sea animals in it that I don’t know the names of.

And there was this one with Beluga Whales in it. They were surprisingly entertaining and playful and kept pressing their bodies right up against the glass. I think they were one of my favorite things to see

There were quite a few “pools” of sting rays that you could “pet”. It took me a while to get up the nerve but I was determined to do it!

Most of the kids had no reservations about sticking their hands right in there. I’m a bit surprised the sting rays don’t mind getting touched and poked all day long. 

I finally decided that this little guy looked friendly enough. It took him swimming past 3 times for me to finally touch him. hah. They’re very slimy!

Overall we had a very nice time! I hadn’t been to an aquarium since I was a kid so it was fun to play the tourist and do something fun for the day.

And of course, we took a good gander through the gift shop.

Have you ever been to the Atlanta Aquarium or one like it? I hear the Aquarium in Paris is even better!

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