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Oh hey! I haven’t shared a Weekend Wonders post with you in quite some time which is a shame. I personally LOVE going back and reading through these posts and so, if for no one else, I mostly do these posts for myself. Although, I hope you enjoy them as well.

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Last weekend, Stephen and I drove to Knoxville to meet our first ever nephew (courtesy of Stephen’s brother and our lovely sister-in-law). It’s both of our first time being an aunt/ uncle and we are thrilled!! I haven’t been around a lot of babies in my life and I find myself clamming up a bit whenever someone says the words “do you want to hold him?”. Stephen, on the other hand, wasn’t shy at all and held the baby for what seemed like the whole time that we were there.

Baby boy brintell

We’re pretty excited to have this new little one in our family.

In other news, I got an awesome new photography table!!

weekend wonders april 2016-6

A friend of mine has a woodworking shop (is that what it’s called!?) and he does some really great work! You may remember last year that he made me this amazing farmhouse style table and bench that I bought largely just so that I could use it for my photography. I LOVE that table so much and love that it’s something we’ll have in our lives forever.

Problem is, in our new house, the dining room area is in the middle of the house. While there’s lots of light that overflows into that area from other rooms, the actual dining area does not have any windows and therefor is very inconvenient for food photography. For the first few months of living there, I would drag the table across the house and into the living room so that I could take photos on it by a window. This got rather annoying after a while. That’s part of why my new table is SO awesome!

It’s a card sized table so it’s most convenient for moving around and it’s less bulky than a full size family table. I’m very grateful that I have such awesome friends who make me amazing tables.

Over the past week I ALSO got in the mail a new faux-tabletop for my photography that’s double sided. So, you’ll be seeing 3 new awesome surfaces in my food photography over the coming months :)

What else? We got 2 new chickens! Have I told you about them? (I’ve snapchatted them approximately 10,000 times).


^^^^^^^^Those aren’t the new chickens. One of the new chickens is solid black but with a really beautiful green glow to her feathers. She’s an “easter-egger” meaning that once she starts laying, she’ll lay blue and green eggs. The other new girl is a barred rock which is a black and white stripped chicken. I’m sure I’ll have pictures of them soon once they warm up to me and don’t run and hide when I walk towards them :)

weekend wonders april 2016-7

On Sunday, we went to a Crawfish boil block part in Germantown (one of my favorite areas of Nashville) with some friends. I haven’t had crawfish in about 7 years and had to ask about 5 different people to show me how it works. Being in Tennessee, no one else really knew what they were doing either.

weekend wonders april 2016-9

It was pouring rain when we first got there but quickly cleared up and ended up being a beautiful day!

Lots of Jackalope beer and crawfish were consumed by all (there were also tacos but they were VERY mediocre and hardly deserve a mention).

weekend wonders april 2016-8

That’s pretty much all I have for you on this Tuesday morning. Until the next time (tomorrow!), have a lovely day!!

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