Fire up the grill! Cookouts aren’t just for meat eaters! There are so many great vegetarian and vegan options that you can enjoy during grilling season. This post with all of the best Vegetarian Grill Recipes will help you expand your summer BBQ menu. From grilled vegetables and fruit to tofu and veggie burgers, these delicious plant-based recipes will impress any eater!

When the weather is warm and the nights are long, nothing beats a summertime BBQ with family and friends. But what if you’re vegan or vegetarian? Thankfully, there are plenty of vegan grill recipes and sides to throw on the grill. From vegetarian foil packets to vegetarian kebabs and much more, this collection has you covered.

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I like to treat plant-based grilling just like I did when I ate meat. Pick a protein and let it sit in a good marinade for a while. Then, put it on the grill with your favorite summer veggies.

If I’m taking food to cook at a BBQ with friends and family, I like to match what they’re cooking. If they’re having burgers, then I’ll take veggie burgers, or if it’s sausage, veggie sausage works great. Steak is the only one that’s kind of hard to match, however this vegan steak recipe looks like something I need to try soon!

Below, you’ll find a variety of options to try at your next cookout. Enjoy!

Kebabs, tofu and vegetables on a grill.

Favorite Protein Options to Grill:

Best Veggies to Grill:

  • Portobello mushrooms
  • Bell pepper
  • Zucchini
  • Corn
  • Onions
  • Asparagus

Fruit to Grill:

How to Make Vegetarian Foil Packets

Foil packets, like this vegan sausage and veggie recipe, are fun and easy it is to make for grilling. Simply pick a protein, seasoning it, and then mix in some veg.

For these foil packs seen below, I wanted them to be perfect for summer, so I’ve used all of the best summer veggies; including corn on the cob, zucchini squash and red bell pepper. However, just about any summer veggies would work well in this recipe.

You technically could cook the sausage whole inside of the foil packs, but I found that cutting it into larger pieces worked much better and just overall made serving easier. I also recommend using grill grade foil, as it’s much thicker and more durable. However, regular foil will work, but I suggest doubling up on the layers of foil so that it doesn’t tear when you put it on the grill.

Foil pack with sausage, corn and zucchini.

How to Make Vegetarian Kebabs

I absolutely love grilling tofu and it’s so easy and delicious to make into vegetarian kebabs. You can really use any marinated protein + your fav vegetables. Vegetarian or vegan kebabs are perfect for summer get togethers where you’re not sure if there will be any plant-based options. You can assemble them ahead of time and then pop them on the grill whenever you’re ready!

If I have the time, I like to marinate the pressed tofu overnight, but a much shorter time period for marinating also works just fine. After the tofu has marinated, I toss the veggies in that same liquid to give them a little flavor and so that they have a bit of oil on them for the grill.

Grilled veggies and kebabs on a white serving platter.

Recipes to try

If you’re looking for easy vegetarian grill recipes to try, these are some delicious options:

Grilled mains:

  • Grilled Tofu. Looking for a grilling recipe that’s packed with protein AND easily grillable? I got you! This Grilled Tofu is perfect for summer grilling season and surprisingly easy to throw together.
  • Easy Tofu Kebabs. These vegan kebabs are perfect for summer get togethers where you’re not sure if there will be any veggie options for you. You can assemble them ahead of time and then pop them on the grill whenever you’re ready!
  • Pineapple Tofu Skewers. A super simple to throw together recipe that’s great for grilling season (or really anytime using a grill pan!).
  • Tofu Satay. Super simple to make and PERFECT for grilling season! It can be marinated for a short period if you’re in a hurry OR it can even marinate overnight for extra flavor. 

Grilled sides:

  • Easy Grilled Salad. Even in the summer, I love a good warm salad and this one is packed with veggies and covered in a delicious creamy dressing. So good!
  • Grilled Artichokes. These are easy to make and will be your new favorite way to prepare artichokes! The grill adds such a delicious smokey flavor that you’re going to love.
  • Grilled Corn Salad. The perfect side for any party or summer dinner! It’s loaded with fresh corn, cucumber, tomatoes and all of the flavors of summer. 
  • Grilled Fruit Skewers. Throw your favorite summer fruits on skewers with a bit of lime juice and chili powder, and grill them up. It’s super easy and ridiculously tasty!