Chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans) are nourishing and versatile. They are one of my favorite ingredients because they can be used in so many ways and they are a good source of protein, fiber, carbs, iron, B vitamins and many other nutrients. In this roundup of over 20 chickpea recipes, you’ll find everything from easy cooking methods to soups, salads, pastas and more!

Today, we’re featuring delicious, healthy vegan recipes using chickpeas! From lunch and dinner to snacks, there’s something for everyone. Chickpeas are one of my go-to ingredients for adding texture, nutrients and plant-based protein to my meals. You can find out all about what chickpeas are, the nutritional profile and different ways to cook chickpeas by reading through my Ultimate Guide to Chickpeas. Now, let’s get to some incredible chickpea recipes!

Basic how-to chickpea recipes:

Instant Pot Chickpeas. My favorite way to cook chickpeas! Learn how to soak chickpeas, how to cook them in an Instant Pot, and how to put them to good use in some easy and delicious chickpea recipes.

Crispy Air Fryer Chickpeas. Learn how to cook COOKED chickpeas in an air fryer to get them ultra crispy and delicious!

Oven Roasted Chickpeas. Similar to the air fryer chickpeas, you cannot cook chickpeas from raw in the oven, however, you can get them DELICIOUSLY crispy this way!

Stovetop Chickpeas. Super easy to cook chickpeas over the stovetop!


Moroccan Chickpea Soup. Healthy, hearty, and very filling! This recipe is easy to throw together and is great for vegetarian meal prep!

Chickpea Noodle Soup. A chicken-less version of the classic that’s made with chickpeas instead of chicken. It’s still completely delicious and perfect as a comforting winter meal.

Crockpot Taco Soup. We’ve been making a version of this slow cooker taco soup for YEARS and I love it so much. It’s great for quick and easy meals and can even be used on tacos with less liquid added to it!


Loaded Veggie Tikka MasalaOne of the most popular recipes on my blog and definitely a favorite in our house. I make it for guests on a regular basis and it’s ALWAYS a crowd pleaser.

Chickpea Sweet Potato Coconut CurryThis vegan dinner recipe is a new favorite in our house and I’m excited for you to share it! It’s a great meal prep recipe and easy to throw together in one big pan.


Easy Homemade HummusLearn how to make classic hummus as well as 3 delicious flavor variations that you’re going to love!

Simple Avocado HummusIf you love hummus as much as I do, then I think you’re going to REALLY love this recipe! It’s made just like the classic but with a little bit of avocado mixed in, resulting in an ultra creamy and delicious hummus!

Zucchini Hummus. Delicious, creamy hummus with zucchini mixed right in!


Breakfast Hash. This Vegan Hash is super tasty and easy to make and customize using whatever veggies you have in your fridge. We’ve loaded it with chickpeas and a rainbow of veggies; like onion, bell pepper, potatoes, zucchini, mushrooms and kale. It’s a delicious, hearty breakfast that comes together in one large skillet!

Chickpea & Kale Breakfast SkilletRidiculously easy to throw together and SO yummy. It’s light and yet surprisingly filling which is always a win in my book!


Orzo Pasta SaladThis recipe is so easy to make with orzo pasta, fresh cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, arugula, and basil, all tossed in a delicious lemon vinaigrette. This healthy 30-minute vegan main course or side dish option is perfect for meal prep and great for potlucks and picnics!

Ranch Chickpea SaladMy new go-to EASY lunch recipe! It’s fully plant based and packed with so much goodness. This salad is easily customizable and perfect for meal prep.

Curried Chickpea SaladThis recipe is fully vegan and comes together all in ONE BOWL with just a handful of simple ingredients! It’s sure to be your new favorite meal prep recipe.

Other Favorite Chickpea Recipes:

Easy Chickpea GyroThese gyros are so simple to make and make for such a delicious vegetarian lunch option! Super filling and even good for meal prep!

Vegan Pot PieThis a VEGAN version of the classic recipe by swapping out the chicken for chickpeas and leaving everything else pretty much the same. The result is a comforting, filling, and OMG SO DELICIOUS meal that I could legit eat every single night!

Chickpea Sweet Potato Buddha BowlA simple to make vegan dinner idea and is also great for meal prep!

Peanut Chickpea WrapsThis recipe comes together in just TEN minutes and these wraps are great as a healthy vegan meal prep recipe! They’re simple to make and so delicious!

Chickpea Stuffed Sweet PotatoesChickpeas mixed with sweet potato is AMAZING and this is such an easy go-to recipe!

Chickpea NuggetsThese chickpea nuggets are SO delicious and a fun meat-free meal that the whole family will love!